Recess exists for people to explore their creative curiosity in a safe and engaging space: we intend to spark interests and help people find something new to explore in a playful and less serious way, beyond their 9-5. But what happens when this sparked interest becomes a fire?

We put office hours in place for people who are more than curious about pursuing creativity — these are people who are looking to put the reps in to build their skills and eventually use their newfound skills as a side-hustle-turned-career. The Recess team has over 20+ years of collective experience in arts and technology. We’ve built digital products, put on 300+ attendee events, and provide video production, photography, web development, graphic design, user experience and product development services for clients. We’d like to provide cup-of-coffee mentorships on a bi-weekly/monthly basis for people who have a project in mind that can help them put in their reps.

How it works

  1. Fill out an interest form
  2. A Recess team member will contact you within a week to discuss your goals and outcomes outlined in the interest form
  3. Meet with your mentor weekly/biweekly for up to 6 sessions for project-based technical skill building and mentorship.
  4. Present a final project to mentor and Recess Core for feedback/presentation practice (this could be optional, depends on the agreed upon project and deadline)
  5. Send feedback form to mentor/mentee

The ideal candidate

The ideal mentor